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Preacher's Cave - Eleuthera, Bahamas

Preacher's Cave

In 1647, William Sayles, and his group of Elutherian Adventurers spent two months sailing south from Bermuda with the British King's Charter to search for new lands, a place to practice religious freedom. Their ship hit a coral reef, foundered, and the passengers were stranded on the northern end of the island. Sayles and his group survived and found their way to the large cavern near the north beach. The cave, actually a rock shelter, was used by the Europeans for religious ceremonies; thus the name Preacher's Cave. Prior to the British occupants, the rock shelter had been used by the Taino. The Taino were a pre-Columbian indigenous group whose Bahamian members were also known as the Lucayans.

Scanning of the entire cave produced data for archaeological research conducted by Robert Carr of the Archaeological and Historical Conservancy. Scans of the cave's exterior walls were performed on an area with possible rock art dating to the earlier Taino period. Spatial data from a mapping grade GPS survey were combined with aerial photographs and integrated in a GPS to provide planning for development of the site by the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism.


Preacher's Cave High Definition Survey and 3DLaser Scanning Project, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Preacher's Cave High Definition Survey & 3D Laser Scanning Project