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El Mirador Sculpture Documentation Project, Peten, Guatemala

Task: Document a new sculptural find at the site of El Mirador for preservation, conservation, research and replication efforts for heritage management and interpretive development

Challenge: Working in an extreme environment (brought in by helicopter, heat and humidity extremes), and working with fragile materials that covered a large surface area

Solution: Utilize close and mid range 3D laser scanners (Minolta 9i and FARO LS880) along with imagery capture and high resolution photography including panoramic images, model in Geomagic, produce files suitable for cutting with a CNC Router, or reducible for smaller scale applications to a 3D printer

Collaboration with Dr. Richard Hansen from Idaho State University, Director of the Mirador Basin Project


SculptureBoth photos are 3D models of stela at El Mirador captured with laser scanning

Close up Dr. Travis Doering scanning the sculpture El Mirador 3D Documentation Team