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Florida's Space History Preservation Project - Cape Canaveral

Project Description:

High tech has returned to historic launch complexes at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) to help researchers to 3D document Florida space history. Our team from the University of South Florida (USF), is working in collaboration with the CCAFS cultural resources division, using the latest in 3D laser scanning and imaging to assist with conservation, management, and public interpretive development of Cape Canaveral’s rich space history. Using newly available technologies such as the FARO Focus3D x330 laser scanner, USF is recording the existing remains of building complex associated with historical events such as Senator John Glenn’s orbit of the Earth and the Mercury Missions that led the United States into Space. Other important features being documented include launch complexes associated with the American missile program that began largely as a result of the Cold War, such as the Minuteman and Atlas programs, and also the sacred ground resting place for the space shuttle remains from the Challenger disaster. Many of the structures and complexes are unique in design and use. Today, many are now abandoned and are being lost to time, but through these new 3D technologies, USF is documenting these structures to within millimeters, and providing valuable information for long-term conservation and future interpretation of these important historical sites.

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