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The directors of the Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies (AIST) are committed to educating students in all areas of cultural and natural heritage preservation and the applications of spatial technologies. We have consistently involved students at every level of our projects and provided discussion and consultation to help them find the most advantageous avenues for reaching their goals. Our focus has been on students interested in archaeology, heritage preservation, geo-spatial, and geomatic research. Nevertheless, we are also interested in exploring new areas of study. Our interests are multidisciplinary and we have collaborated with students and faculty in geology, geography, architecture, and engineering.


James "Bart" McLeod

Interests: Geospatial Technologies, Southeastern Archaeology, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Historic Preservation and Documentation, Cultural Resource Management


Elizabeth McCoy

Interests: Historic Archaeology, Heritage Preservation, Public Archaeology, Sustainable Heritage Tourism

Rebecca O'Sullivan

Interests: Heritage Preservation, Historical Archaeology, Plantation Studies, Public Archaeology, Museums

David Conklin

Interests: Geospatial Technologies, Maritime Archaeology, Prehistoric Archaeology, Cultural Resource Management

Joseph van Gaalen

Interests: Time series analysis, coastal geology, geostatistics, groundwater hydrology, geospatial analysis




William Klinger





Joseph A. Evans

Interests: Technoarchaeology, Archaeological Survey Methods, Archaeo-geophysics, Aerial Archaeology


Chris Griesbach




Chris Griesbach



John Mahon




John Mahon
Eve Spengler

Eve Spengler

Areas of Interest and Research:
Interests: Technology Management, Product Development, Laser Scanning for Reverse Engineering, Global Sustainability, Green Infrastructure, Stop Gap Analysis, Asset Mapping and Geographic Information Systems.

Phone: 813-974-0613




Student Comments:

"I was involved with scanning and documenting carved monuments at various locations in Guatemala. I found the experience to be rewarding on many different levels. Besides learning about the past and playing a role in its preservation, the interest of the present-day community was a constant reminder of why the project is so important." William Klinger, MA graduate.

If you would like to learn more about educational opportunities with AIST, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.