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Lori Collins is a co-Director of the Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies (AIST). She received her Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology from the University of South Florida. She is a Research Assistant Professor, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in archaeology, heritage preservation, and museum informatics. Her research focus involves cultural heritage preservation and conservation issues and strategies, landscape analysis, and technological applications such as terrestrial LiDAR, 3D visualizations, GPS, GIS, and documentation survey strategies applied to solving heritage management concerns.

Research Interests: Heritage Preservation, GPS, GIS, Terrestrial LiDAR and other 3D scanning applications for archaeology, landscape archaeology, stone monuments and their conservation, land management principles, and environmental archaeology.

Geographic Specialization: Southeast U.S. and Mesoamerica.

Email:Dr. Lori D. Collins
Phone:(813) 974-0613


Dr. Doering is the co-Director of the Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies, and has extensive private sector experience as a successful Florida corporate business owner prior to returning to academia. His long-term study of Mesoamerican archaeology with a focus on the Formative period (c. 2000 BC to AD 150) has led AIST to undertake several projects in Mexico and Guatemala, and his expertise is essential to the Meso3D database project, with AIST digitally preserving and sharing monumental stone sculpture, artifacts and architecture with the world. Doering was awarded the University of South Florida Graduate School 2007 Outstanding Dissertation Award in recognition of his "originality and excellence in doctoral research." Doering brings a combination of management and research skills along with substantial technical abilities to the AIST. His interest in Mesoamerican art and iconography has led to new applications of three-dimensional spatial technologies for the documentation, preservation, and interpretation of ancient monuments.

Research Interests: Formative Period Mesoamerica, Iconography, Landscape Archaeology, Heritage Preservation, Museum Studies, Terrestrial LiDAR and other 3D scanning applications for archaeology.

Geographic Specialization: Mesoamerica.

Email:Dr. Travis F. Doering
Phone:(813) 974-0613