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AIST Directors

Lori Collins and Travis Doering

AIST was established by Lori Collins, Ph.D., and Travis Doering, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professors in the College of Arts and Sciences' Office of Research and Scholarship. The innovative work by Dr. Collins at the Miami Circle archaeological site in 2004, demonstrated the analytical power of three-dimensional laser scanning when applied to heritage preservation and archaeological research. It was here that they realized the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of integrating various spatial technologies to address research issues.

It was apparent that applications for these integrated technologies extend beyond the domain of natural and cultural heritage conservation and preservation. They introduced their ideas and technologies to researchers in other disciplines including architecture and community design, transportation, graphic studios, geography, and geology. Drawing on their individual backgrounds and fields of expertise, Collins and Doering have successfully collaborated with numerous national and international universities as well as private, public, and government sector partners where they have applied High Definition Digital Documentation (H3D) techniques in a diversity of projects.

AIST Students

AIST Students

Undergraduate and graduate students are an integral part of the Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies. It is a primary goal of the directors to involve qualified and motivated students in every aspect of our activities.

Click here for a list of some of our students who have been advised and supported by the AIST directors. See what they have to say. If you would like to know more about how you can participate in our academic and research programs, please contact us at

Affiliate Faculty

Affiliate Faculty

AIST works with many University partners to collaborate on diverse interdisciplinary research projects.

Click here to read more about the USF faculty who have worked with AIST and the projects on which we have collaborated. If you would like to learn more about these projects, please contact us at, or contact the professors directly via email as shown on the Affiliate Faculty summary.