About Meso3D
Meso-3D is an expandable database that contains information about the Mesoamerican Formative period (c. 1800 BC to AD 200). This centralized source of research material centers on the results from projects featuring advanced three-dimensional imaging and cartographic technologies applied to a growing number of project areas. It offers researchers, students, and others the opportunity to view, analyze, and experience monumental carved objects and their archaeological context from a diversity of scales and perspectives.
To date, more than 300 stone monuments and objects from sites such as Takalik Abaj, Kaminaljuyu, La Venta, Dzibanche, and El Mirador have been recorded and will soon be available for viewing. Background information is provided about each of the project areas, artifacts, and monuments. Archival records and photos are presented when available. Best available technologies have been used to document and analyze these materials, including high resolution photographic and imaging techniques such as light raking, high dynamic range, reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) and panoramic images. Spatial control is achieved through Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and mapping grade GPS, and 3D terrestrial laser scanning at multiple scales. As these records are processed and projects are completed, they will be added to this database.

Types of Data Provided
Historical Photos 2D and High Res imagery Location Maps
3D Scan 3D View
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