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Advisory Board - a network of leading specialists from the public, private, and academic sectors designed to guide and advise the interdisciplinary research and education that AIST is involved with at the University of South Florida.

Private Sector Advisors

Ping Fu , Ph.D.

VP & Chief Strategy Officer at 3D Systems, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area. Ping Fu is a Chinese-American entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of 3D software development company Geomagic, and was its chief executive officer until February 2013 when the company was acquired by 3D Systems Inc. As of February 2013, she is the vice president and chief strategy officer at 3D Systems. Fu grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution and moved to the United States in 1984. She co-founded Geomagic in 1997 with her then-husband Herbert Edelsbrunner, and has been recognized for her achievements with the company through a number of awards, including being named Inc. magazine's 2005 "Entrepreneur of the Year". In 2013, she published her memoir, Bend, Not Break, co-authored with MeiMei Fox. Ping’s extrodinary vision and leadership are an important resource for AIST’s strategic planning efforts in research and education. 3D Systems Geomagic has also provided internship opportunities for AIST graduate students.

Michael Raphael

Founder and President of Direct Dimensions, Inc. (DDI) and ShapeShot Baltimore, Maryland, is a company that provides laser scanning, reverse engineering, 3D printing solutions, and digital modeling services. Mr. Raphael is a recognized leader in the field of spatial technologies, and has supported AIST on projects and planning. He and his company have provided training and internships to AIST graduate students. Because of his personal contact with 3D technology manufacturers and designers, Michael helps to keep AIST management informed as to the direction of new technologies and provide insight into new opportunities. DDI is a world-leader in film and art 3D design and modeling, and have extensive experience in museum and heritage sectors.

Pete Edmonds

He is the Vice President Sales Americas of FARO Technologies in Lake Mary, Florida. FARO develops and markets portable CMMs (coordinate measuring machines) and 3D imaging devices to solve dimensional metrology problems. Technology from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and compound structures within production and quality assurance processes. Mr. Edmonds has 30 years of experience in the field of precision metrology. For more than a decade, he has progressed through the ranks at FARO and has achieved a leading position in this multi-national corporation. His extensive experience in the 3D laser scanning and metrology business brings much to AIST, including insight into new technology and applications, and market-based and continuing educational strategies for industry training. The relationship with the company also affords much in the way of educational and research opportunity development for both students and faculty.

Industry Partnerships AIST development has been generously supported through partnerships with 3D Systems Geomagic and FARO Technologies,Inc.

Granting Partners AIST has received grants and awards from a number of State of Florida and National Agencies to provide operational support and funding for projects and research. These agencies include the National Science Foundation, the National Park Service, the Department of Defense, the Florida Park Service and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Affiliated Partners

Joseph Gamble

He is a freelance professional photographer and writer based in Tampa, Florida. His work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, and web sites, including CNN, ESPN, MSNBC and USA Today. He specializes in landscape and cultural heritage documentation projects and has collaborated with AIST on a variety of projects, notably the documentation of the Popol Vuh frieze in El Mirador, Guatemala in 2009, the Takalik Abaj Stone Monument Project in spring 2010, and numerous other Terrestrial Laser Scanning and imaging projects including in the Virgin Islands and Hawai . His personal work appears at and

Jorge Gonzalez

He owns and operates VERSION DIGITAL 3.0, S.L., a 3D company in Burgos, Spain. He has worked extensively with AIST as a 3D artist and graphic design renderer, and has multiple years of experience in the 3D laser scanning and modeling software sectors.

"Working to preserve and protect the world’s cultural and natural heritage through education and global engagement."
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